im a fuckin star

helloooo !!! im th site maker jwnr n i hope you like it here. this blog is a sucession to my first which i made in 2020 battiest, ive been wanting to create a new blog for a while and my interest reignited when i started making modz for stardew valley (which i only started playing this year!) i missed coding and making something from nothing and have been working on pixel art and (kinda) learning how to make video games. so i finally came back to html to practice n hv fun!

this site is mainly going to be about my interests as well as a place to put my art and my thoughts. im also here to hopefully find a community of like-minded people cuz connetctions are fun even though admittedly i have entered a bit of a hermit era lol.

if u feel like u wanna get to know me message me on my guestbook and we can bcum moots!!

some of my interests include::

  • fashion (gyaru, scene, emo) n i luv to merge styles
  • art - painting, pixel, digital, literally all art
  • music - hyperpop, indie, witch house, shoegaze, techno, pop, alt rock. some of my fave mucisians r pierce the veil, mazzy star, and 8485, alex g, and crystal castles
  • i also write my own music mainly on guitar cuz im not v good at producing rip
  • sanrio!!!!
  • witchy stuff
  • rn im really into caving and hiking but i havent acc gone cuz there r no mountains near me and i dont wanna go caving alone but im obsessed lol

current moosic faves as of July 2023!!