- recent paintings

18+ club bathroom installation (contains sexual themes and mentions of homicide)
doodles? comin soon

these paintings were made from 2021-22. they're mainly mixed media; acrylic, paint pens, pencils, nail polish, tape, cardboard, candle wax.

at the time i made these paintings i had just transferred to UAL and was excited to make a new life for myself in london. I had lived in greater london for most of my life but living in south, so close to the center of the city, was new to me. amidst navigating the seemingly larger world i found myself in, i was dealing with the trauma and heartache i experienced from the last year.

i did not know who i was, i was utterfly lost and confused, desperate to hold onto anything tangible. i couldnt see how bad things were or how bad they were about to get. i wanted to be seen so badly by the people around me, to finally be recognised after not being seen for so long. this was a ronmantication of my life. the only way i was able to portray how to wanted to be percieved. most of my art from this time echos these sentiments. i was screaming, practically begging, to be understood.

during the time these paintings were concieved my overall feelings can be summed up by some sort of rush. a feeling of fleeting ecstacy. blotchy and shallow.