recent paintings

- 18+ club bathroom installation

(contains sexual themes and mentions of homicide)
doodles? coming soon!......

this series of posters was made as part of an interactive installation shown at the Mverick Project's Safehouse 2 in peckham.

the posters are around A0 size and are inspired by sex advertisements seen around the city as well as online on porn websites. kind of ironic n meme-ish i was mocking my own hypersexuality whilest also mocking the vouyeristic other party (usually men) as a form of sick n strange power play.

im giving u them you they while mocking them knowing i will never be free from the prison of male sexulaity n desire.

these images were presented in the bathroom of the safehouse, a delapidated old building, and was intended to be experienced with the door closed. the scene was made to mimick that of a sleazy club bathroom which was aided by muffled party tunes from the 2010s playing on a speaker in the room. boderline liminal, the space was intended to make you feel transported to a time where many of us have been before. the bathroom where u cried about our ex, where u did drugs, threw up, made out, had sex, talked shit, reapplied makeup, or just pissed lol.

when viewers came to the space during the opening night they were encouraged to write on the walls that i had plastered with fake mirrors as an homage to the ritual of graffiting club bathroom stalls.

when i made these i was going through bouts of hypersexuality and deranged thoughts. i was going insane n i was so emotionally volatile. but i loved clubbing n craved honesty n realness in a time where everything n everyone seemed so fake. so i guess this is the product of that